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Sanctions Updates – 15 March 2012 - F.S.C Sanctions Notices

Terrorist Financing

Al Qaida

The Commission has been notified that the Isle of Man Treasury has, on 15 March 2012 published new and updated information regarding the above Sanctions regimes.

Department of the Treasury News Releases advising details of the updates to the above Sanctions regimes can be read at:

Terrorist Financing

Al Qaida

Copies of extant Treasury Sanctions Notices, are available free of charge over the Internet from the Sanctions and Export Control page on the website of the Isle of Man Treasury, Customs and Excise Division located at:

Any queries regarding the above, or any Sanctions related matter should be addressed to the Isle of Man Treasury, Customs and Excise Division, Sanctions Officer on telephone number +44 (0) 1624 648138 or by email to .

FSC Ref: News/NDR/13/2012

15th March 2012

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